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About Us

Mission: Anchorbyte seeks to deliver quality art software at an affordable price.

InkFish is a vector-based program. This means InkFish stores the path all of your brush strokes, not the pixels they create. This gives you the flexibility to create art of any size, be it flyers, handouts, posters, or billboards, without image degradation. In pursuit of our mission to deliver quality art software at an affordable price, we recognize not every artist has access to the newest hardware. InkFish was created with the intention that it can be run efficiently on older computers without lag. And, since we're artists ourselves, we understand the creative process. Unlimited undos? Check. Layers? Check. InkFish also comes full of colorful menus because we get bored easily and we see enough grey living in Seattle.

InkFish is developed and maintained by two developers: Noah Shepard and Jason Wolfe. Operating out of the Seattle area, InkFish has been made possible through the support of many local artists, including everyone at SICAGA.

We are interested in expanding our community! Please follow us on Twitter: @noShepard.
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Interested in following the journey of InkFish? Check out the developer Tumblr: imakethreethings.tumblr.com.

The Anchorbyte Team

Noah Shepard

Noah Shepard

Noah has Master's Degree in Computer Science. After earning his degree, Noah promptly moved to Seattle, to escape from the sun. In his free time Noah enjoys cooking, riding on motocycles, and drawing/painting.

Jason Wolfe

Jason Wolfe

Jason Wolfe attended the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology where he earned a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics. Despite earning a formal degree in electrical engineering, Jason has an extensive background in Computer Science. After graduating from NMT in 2009, Jason moved to Santa Barbara, CA where he worked as a Development Engineer for a small electronics and software company. In 2013, Jason joined forces with Noah Shepard to develop InkFish full-time. In his free time Jason enjoys travelling, studying Italian, listening to music, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends.