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InkFish Beta 6 Downloads

Beta Fish

InkFish Beta 6 for 64-Bit Systems (3.74 MB)
InkFish Beta 6 for 32-Bit Systems (3.36 MB)

InkFish Beta 6 Release Notes (2.25 KB)

We are pleased to announce the release of InkFish Beta 6!

Please keep in mind that the InkFish software is currently in beta. That means that many features are still in development and may not work correctly. Rest assured that we will work hard to correct any bugs that are found, but we need your help to do it. If any part of the InkFish Beta does crash, does not work as you would expect, or is missing any features that you would like either report it on the InkFish Support Webpage or Send us an Email. We need your feedback to help InkFish mature out of beta.

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